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Zen Garden > Banishing Hannibal Lecter Personalities From Your Life

Hannibal Lecter was a repulsive character from the movie "Silence of the Lambs." Is there a Lecter in your life?

We all know them. We all have somebody like them at our workplace. Some of us have them as our neighbor. Some are related to them. Gosh - some poor souls even live with them. So who are these people I speak of?

What I am talking about are the Hannibal Lecters of society. Toxic people.

Toxic people enjoy telling you every reason why you can't or shouldn't do something. Tell them an idea and they will tell you it's no good. They hope that you won't achieve more than they can and really don't want you to succeed. They whine, they complain, they spread rumors, they are prone to ugly moods - a thundercloud follows their every move. They are the doomsayers. I'll bet you already have someone like this in mind as you read these very words.

Unlike the Hannibal Lecter of "Silence of the Lambs" fame, toxic people are not trying to eat your flesh. No. Toxic people want to consume other things - your confidence, your self-esteem, your dreams, your ambitions, your goals, your desires. I think you get the picture.

The best thing you can do if you find yourself in the presence of one of these people is to run, hide, make other plans. Just get away from them as fast as you can. The least amount of time you spend with them the better.

Toxic people will attempt to indoctrinate you with huge amounts of negative input in a very short space of time, so it is imperative that you limit your time with them. They are easy to recognize. Their language gives them away. Every time they open their mouth out comes a litany of everything that is wrong with them, you, the world and other people.

Recognizing positive and negative personality traits is one of the skills of personal development. Many excellent books exist on this subject but there are none better than "Personality Plus" written by Florence Littauer.

In her book, Florence Littauer defines personality traits. In it you will learn how to get along with the four main personality types, and the multiple combinations of them. I have had the privilege of hearing Florence speak and she is a truly gifted author and presenter.

By understanding your own personality traits and those of other people you will enhance your ability to get along with those who are important to you. If you are a Human Resource Officer, a General Manager, a salesperson, or just somebody who likes to get along with other people, what would this skill be worth to you?

Guard yourself against the Hannibal Lecter's of this world. Your life will be so much more fulfilling without their destructive influence.

Gary Simpson is a 7th Dan karate master who teaches self defense, motivation, self help and wealth building to students around the world through home study courses. You may reprint this article as you include this author credit and an active link to his web site.

Finance - Self Help - Motivation - Self Defense - Personal Growth

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