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motivation self esteem
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Imagine YOUR perfect life...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if some incredible force was able to create for you the perfect life that you have always wanted.

What would it be like? What time would you wake up in the morning? What time would you go to bed in the evening? What would you do all day in between?

For a moment just indulge yourself. What would you do? Will you "daydream" for a few moments?

What sort of home would you live in? What vehicle would you drive? Don't restrict yourself. If that home was an 18 bedroom, 10 bathroom castle in Scotland and the car was a Lamborghini Diablo or a Porsche 911S just run with that for a moment. Can you picture these things in your mind?

Most people will find this exercise very difficult because there is a little voice in the back of their mind saying something like: "Don't be ridiculous, don't waste your time, you will never have these things anyway, snap out of this stupidity." And for that reason most people will NEVER achieve these things.

You see, if you cannot even imagine such things in your mind then they will never manifest themselves in your life. But let's keep at it for a few more moments...

What vacations would you take? What countries would you visit? Would you go to the ski slopes or are you more of a tropical adventurer? Maybe you would like to tour the Nile River or the Great Wall of China or maybe you would like to go to Monaco. IF money were no object where would you go? Would you take a cruise ship to nowhere in particular?

People do these things. What about you? Will your mind allow you to think that at some point in the future you will be allowed to do them too? Or does your little gremlin slam shut the door on your imagination?

Do you know that just one decent idea can make all these things come true? Authors do it. Some authors even own islands. Many have summer and winter homes. Inventors do it. Sports stars, movie stars, singers - they all do it.

Maybe you are thinking: "Heh! Yeah but that is them. I'm not them." No. You are not. You are you and you have inside you a creative genius.

Find the genesis of that genius streak inside you. It is there. Like I said - it only takes ONE good idea. Market that idea properly and you will have people falling all over themselves trying to thrust money at you. If you can do that then all those things that you dreamt about above could become a reality. That is, if your mind gremlin allows it.

You will achieve nothing worthwhile until you can gain control of your thoughts. What is your genius? One thing is absolutely certain. Somewhere inside you, maybe DEEP inside you, buried beneath the rubble of life, it is there. What is the one thing that you are very special at? Find it. Develop it. Your success will be anywhere between zero and infinity. The limit is determined by only one thing - your mind. It is the most precious gift that you possess.

About the author: Gary Simpson is the author of eight books covering a diverse range of subjects such as self esteem, affirmations, self defense, finance and much more. His articles appear all over the web. Gary's email address is Click here to go to his Motivation & Self Esteem for Success website where you can receive his "Zenspirational Thoughts" plus an immediate FREE copy of his highly acclaimed, life-changing e-book "The Power of Choice."

Gary Simpson is a 7th Dan karate master who teaches self defense, motivation, self help and wealth building to students around the world through home study courses. You may reprint this article as you include this author credit and an active link to his web site.

Finance - Self Help - Motivation - Self Defense - Personal Growth

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