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Zen Garden > SEMINAR 1 - "THE AWESOME POWER OF GOAL SETTING" featuring Gary Simpson, Bryan Hall and Richard Duszczak.

Goal setting is so central to achievement and success. Hopefully you will be able to benefit from the information this chat-seminar contains. You may print it out if you so desire. However, the contents are the subject of international copyright provisions and as such may not be used commercially.

We would appreciate any comments you might like to make. You can use the "contact" page on this website if you wish.

This is the edited transcript of our LIVE CHAT which was conducted by: Peter Sinclair ( ) on 30 November 2002 with fellow Motivational Experts:

Richard Duszczak ( ),

Bryan Hall ( ) and

Gary Simpson ( ).

The chat was scheduled for one hour and the subject was:


[The chat commenced at 11.05pm, Saturday November 30, 2002 - Brisbane, Australia time]

Gary Simpson : Hi all. I'm ready to go.

Peter Sinclair : Richard, Bryan and Gary. In your own words, what would you say a goal is?

Richard Duszczak : Hi Peter, my idea of a goal is something to aim for which presently seems out of reach. It is something that will keep us moving forward.

Bryan Hall : I would say a goal is a level of achievement we strive for. Something we wish to attain, backed with intention.

Gary Simpson : To answer the question, I'd say it is something you aspire to.

Peter Sinclair : What is so important about goal setting? Is it really necessary? Or is it just a lot of hype that keeps us motivational speakers paid?

Gary Simpson : Having goals will prevent you from being one of life's drifters or what I call a "gunner". "One day I'm gunner do this and I'm gunner do that."

Bryan Hall : It's absolutely necessary. We need them to have a sense of direction, for one thing. If it keeps you paid, that's probably an achievement of one of your own goals, Peter.

Peter Sinclair : So Gary, when you set a goal, how do you go about it?

Gary Simpson : I usually write things down. I'm a big writer. When I have it on paper it becomes real.

Peter Sinclair : And Bryan, do you have a particular method that has helped you in the area of personal goal setting?

Bryan Hall : I lean towards writing things down, too. I've been an aspiring writer since before I could walk, I think. I decided in the second grade that's what I would be. Writing things down and visualizing myself having already achieved that goal. There's a lot of power in writing it down. Visualization then acts as reinforcement.

Peter Sinclair : Richard, from talking to you in the past I know you had to overcome a lot to become a motivational cartoonist. How did goal setting help you? Do you have any tricks that you can share?

Richard Duszczak : I write out goals and illustrate them with simple little cartoon drawings. I am a visual man, I suppose.

Peter Sinclair : Gary, what is the difference between having goals in your mind and writing them down?

Gary Simpson : It is so easy to forget things. We are all so busy these days. Putting it in writing is like a promise to myself. I don't break promises, so when it is on paper it is set in stone, so to speak.

Peter Sinclair : Is it really that necessary Gary?

Gary Simpson : In my opinion, yes.

Peter Sinclair : Richard, just getting back to your previous answer, you're an artist. How do us humble writers create pictures for ourselves?

Richard Duszczak : Peter, I draw little stick figures! Sometimes, I cut out photos. I did that with the BMW I always wanted. And I did get it eventually! I visualized myself driving that car!

Peter Sinclair : Gary, when you write your goals down, what are the main features of a goal that empowers you to pursue it?

Gary Simpson : I write in the active voice and I ascribe a date to it. I have goals for all sorts of things. My little pet at the moment is building my website. I am committed to doing something to enhance it every day. I have not missed a single day in 106 consecutive days. No exception. No break. No holiday.

Peter Sinclair : Gary, can you elaborate what you mean by active voice. Could you give us an example?

Gary Simpson : Sure Peter. The moon was jumped over by the cow is passive voice. The cow jumped over the moon is active voice. Action!

Peter Sinclair : Bryan, you're a coach, how do you instruct your clients when it comes to setting goals?

Bryan Hall : Typically, I dig deep enough to find what it is they truly want to achieve. From there, a lot of it is based on intuition, visualization, etc.

Peter Sinclair : Hey Richard, getting back to what you said about stick figures, a stick drawing of a BMW would look interesting!

Richard Duszczak : Mmm! I don't think a stick figure of a BMW would motivate you to want one! So I recommend that you cut a picture of your dream car from a magazine and have this as a goal. Peter, I suppose my method is a bit like goal-mapping.

Peter Sinclair : Goal mapping Richard. Hmm, that's a new one to me. Can you explain in a little more detail the idea behind this?

Richard Duszczak : I have my main goal in the centre with smaller goals branching off, but all connected in some way.

Peter Sinclair : But is it important to put a date with your goals when you draw them?

Richard Duszczak : I definitely put dates on smaller short term goals. But it's harder to put an exact date on when I will complete my major goal. Remember, it's not the end of the world if you have to move the date forward on your ultimate goal!

Peter Sinclair : Bryan, I had someone ask me today how they should find their passion? That would have a lot to do with goal setting. How would you advise on this?

Bryan Hall : Peter, I think finding your passion is based very much in the deeper things - spiritually speaking. It's more intuitive than anything else, in my opinion.

Peter Sinclair : But how do we find our individual passion?

Bryan Hall : Many people don't find their passion. They're cluttered and covered and buried by the world. But it isn't hard to find it, either. You have to dig and realize what you love to do.

Peter Sinclair : That's fantastic Bryan. I really believe that you have hit the nail on the head when you say that!

Bryan Hall : Thanks Peter.

Peter Sinclair : Would you have a strategy to help people to find what they love to do?

Bryan Hall : You know, a lot of it, for me and in my work, is just getting to know the person, really. You have to get into their hearts - especially if they need guidance to do so themselves.

Peter Sinclair : Thanks Bryan. So Gary, when it comes to goal setting, how important is action?

Gary Simpson : Peter, I believe action begets action. Doing something gives you more energy to keep going.

Peter Sinclair : So for someone who has hit a roadblock - how would you advise them to get kick started again with respect to goal setting, Gary?

Gary Simpson : It's like writer's block. To overcome it - just write. Write anything. Do something. There is nothing worse than idleness to make you even more idle.

Richard Duszczak : Gary, I agree on the writer's block thing. In my line of work I just tend to start doodling to get me in the mood. You might be interested to know that my initial passion was to be a sculptor which my school teacher said I was very good at. Maybe he was a motivational expert?

Peter Sinclair : The power of doodling Richard. Can you explain how that helps?

Richard Duszczak : Peter, Everybody loves to doodle, don't they? It's relaxing, and what happens when you relax? You get ideas! I leave something half finished at the end of the day. A half-drawn cartoon, a half-finished paragraph! This helps me to get back into the swing.

Peter Sinclair : Bryan, are you into short-term or long-term goals? And is there an importance in defining the two?

Bryan Hall : Absolutely an importance. And I think you have to utilize both.

Peter Sinclair : Richard, you mentioned a few moments ago that you wanted to be a sculptor. How did your passion for sculpting get transferred into cartoons?

Richard Duszczak : Good question Peter. Well everyone I knew said I'd never make a living at that, so I had to try something else. At that point in my life I had no idea of goal setting or maybe I wouldn't have given up so easy!

Peter Sinclair : Gary, if someone has hit a road block in their life, how do they refocus and start over?

Gary Simpson : If you miss a goal you just reset the date. Achieve it a bit later. Better later than never. Just keep hammering away. Keep going for it. Bryan Hall : I agree with that, too, Gary. Do something! Action affirms your direction and your belief in yourself. If you don't have that, then goals are nearly pointless.

Peter Sinclair : What would you say to those who have set goals and yet have not achieved them in a reasonable timeframe?

Bryan Hall : Well, what's considered reasonable by someone may not always be so realistic as it needs to be in achieving those goals. Try breaking them down into shorter term goals and keep moving forward.

Peter Sinclair : So writing goals only is not enough?

Bryan Hall : The focus has to be on the forward motion. Action. Do something and believe in yourself.

Richard Duszczak : Bryan and Gary, I totally agree with what you guys have said. You've got to keep going. If you get knocked down get back up.

Bryan Hall : Exactly, Richard! And I think people get too wrapped up in those dates, too. It's more seeing the gifts you have in your life and focusing on your true ability to achieve those goals. Just my opinion.

Gary Simpson : "I get knocked down, but I get up again..." Remember that song?

Richard Duszczak : I can't remember the number of times editors told me my work was rubbish. I took it as constructive criticism and worked at my style and sent them more and more stuff until they published it!

Ben Sinclair : I love your cartoons Richard!

Peter Sinclair : So persistence is the key Richard...more than anything else?

Gary Simpson : Richard, when people say that, you should wear it as a badge of honor. You too, Peter. I read your comments on your website about getting knocked back by all those editors.

Peter Sinclair : So the million dollar question is... how many goals should I have?

Richard Duszczak : Peter, I had one main goal - to become a successful cartoonist. I also had lots of little goals - like being published in a variety of magazines.

Gary Simpson : That's what I do too Richard. I have little measuring sticks along the way - to monitor my progress.

Peter Sinclair : Can you explain the measuring stick idea Gary?

Gary Simpson : Sure Peter. They're little indicators. Things to check your journey. It's a bit like road mapping. You go to town A, then town B and town C and so on. Eventually you reach town Z, which, of course, is your final destination.

Peter Sinclair : So Gary is that like what I heard someone once say - how do you eat an elephant? One small piece at a time?

Gary Simpson : Only if you like eating elephants! Personally, I'd rather ride on one.

Richard Duszczak : Gary and Peter, I have to say that I agree totally!

Peter Sinclair : How do you know that a goal is a real goal? Is there a time limit that one should give? What if a goal is just not happening? What is a reasonable timeframe? Do you want to answer this one Richard?

Richard Duszczak : I never had any certain time limits, first I just wanted to make a living. Then I started to improve on this.

Peter Sinclair : So while you are alive your goals could come to pass hey Richard? How can success evade someone with that sort of determination? I suppose there is another thing I would like to ask. How important is accountability when it comes to goal setting and who should we be accountable to? Bryan, perhaps you would like to take the lead on this question.

Bryan Hall : Accountability? I believe we are accountable to ourselves, and to God.

Peter Sinclair : I am really having a blast! You guys are really giving some great ideas about goal setting, action, indicators, persistence. Gary, would you like to add anything to what Bryan said?

Gary Simpson : The only person that matters is yourself. Your goals are personal. It is a contract with yourself. I often make a pledge and sign it.

Bryan Hall : That's awesome, Gary! I agree with you there.

Richard Duszczak : Gary - pledge and sign it! Now that's a good idea.

Peter Sinclair : So it's about commitment?

Gary Simpson : I believe in total commitment!

Peter Sinclair : There is power in the signature - just like signing a cheque (check). Now that's commitment.

Gary Simpson : Bryan and Richard, I'm really solid on signing things. It's my word to myself.

Bryan Hall : Yes, Peter. Commitment is probably the number one key in setting goals. Gary makes an excellent point here.

Gary Simpson : Thanks Bryan. I am in very good company this evening with you guys!

Peter Sinclair : So in order to write goals and then apply action to those goals and then pursue them it takes a whole lot of courage. How would you encourage people to tap into that inner courage to do what 95% of the populous don't do. Most people don't write goals.

Bryan Hall : Peter, I believe the key to that is bringing people to believe in themselves. I truly believe this.

Richard Duszczak : Maybe children should be encouraged to write goals at school by their teachers!

Gary Simpson : That's a good point Richard. I would also like to mention goal cards. I'm going to send you guys some that I have had printed for my website.

Peter Sinclair : Thank you Gary. Any tools to assist would be great.

Bryan Hall : That was a most excellent point you made Richard - about school children! There certainly isn't enough of that going on in the classrooms. And thank you, Gary, those goal cards sound awesome!

Richard Duszczak : Gary, I really like your idea of goal cards. I have a business card in my wallet that describes me as the World's Greatest Cartoonist! On it there are contact details and everything! I can't miss seeing it every time I open my wallet.

Gary Simpson : Richard, are they the cards I sent you a while back?

Richard Duszczak : Yes, Gary, it was one of your goal cards that gave me the idea!

Gary Simpson : Excellent Richard. I am very honored that it has assisted you! Bryan, send me an email with your street address and I will send you some goal cards. Peter and Ben, I already know where you guys are. I'll get 'em off to you next week.

Bryan Hall : Excellent, my friend! I can't wait! Thank you!

Peter Sinclair : I believe that without a vision the people perish. What do you think Gary?

Gary Simpson : I think a person can get mighty miserable without goals. They think their life is going nowhere - and basically I guess it is.

Bryan Hall : Life is always going somewhere, Gary. It's when we know where it's going and where we want it to go that makes a difference. You're right, Peter - you have to have a vision.

Peter Sinclair : Without a goal you'll end up in a hole, or is that, a whole lot of trouble?

Richard Duszczak : I certainly had a period recently (for a few years, in fact) where I'd stopped growing, but now I'm back on track with a big goal!

Peter Sinclair : And a guy with a big goal will live a big life. You've certainly inspired me tonight Richard.

Melissa (forum observer) : Yes, it's been very inspiring!

Peter Sinclair : I suppose that is why it is so great to be in the company of such winners as yourselves. We have the privilege to teach other the art of goal setting and achievement. It really is a privilege and an honor to be speaking with you all tonight. OK. It's time to wrap up our hour, but before we do that, Richard, could you just leave us one final thought about goal setting. Then I'll ask Gary and then Bryan.

Richard Duszczak : Thanks Peter. First, find something you love to do and that you're passionate about, then give it 110%!

Peter Sinclair : Richard, that advice was brilliant. Thank you so much.

Richard Duszczak : It's 2:00pm here in the UK and my lovely wife says it's now time to go and do some Christmas shopping! This has been great. Let's do it again!

Peter Sinclair : Thanks Richard. It's been an absolute pleasure. I will talk to you again this week. Now Gary. Let's have your final thoughts.

Gary Simpson : Thanks Peter. I'd like to quote some words from my book, in fact. You may be miserable or listless if : 1 - something is preventing you from moving towards a goal, 2 - you have just reached a goal and do not have another goal to shoot for, or 3 - you don't have goals. Is there anything that you are doing that is taking you away from any of your goals? If so, why are you doing it? Finally, if you do not currently have a goal or goals, make it your goal to find a goal!

Peter Sinclair : Thanks Gary. And Bryan, your final thoughts on goal setting?

Bryan Hall : Maybe a quote here from Gandhi would be appropriate. "You must BE the change you wish to see in the world."

Ben Sinclair : Merry Christmas Richard, Gary and Bryan and everyone else sitting in on this discussion chat line.

Bryan Hall : Thanks, Ben! And, yes, Richard and Gary and Peter - it's been AWESOME! Thank You!

Peter Sinclair : Well I think we'll wrap it up here. If there is anyone with questions they'd like to ask I will be online to help. Also feel free to ask the other fantastic participants.

Gary Simpson : My thanks to all you guys. I really enjoyed this.

Peter Sinclair : We have certainly heard many wise words from my friends.

Bryan Hall : Thank you Peter! Excellence, as always!

Peter Sinclair : Well, we will officially end this chat forum. But I will stick around if anyone has further questions. Thanks guys. I will talk to you all further this week. You're the BEST!

Bryan Hall : Thank you again Peter. It's been a GREAT pleasure and an honor. Thanks to Richard and Gary, too! You guy did an awesome job!

Peter Sinclair : I just thought I would let everybody know that I'm going to print off this chat. There is so much in it. OK. With that I will close the forum. Thanks again Gary, Bryan, Richard and Ben.

[The chat concluded at 12.13am, Sunday December 01, 2002 - Brisbane, Australia time]

Here is some detailed information about the chat participants and how you may contact each of them:

Richard Duszczak – Richard is a Motivational Cartoonist. Everyone laughed – ‘You’ll never make it as a cartoonist’ ‘You don’t have any experience’, ‘You can’t make a living drawing funny pictures!’ Well, that was 22 years ago and I am still here making a living from doing something I love. I could have listened to them and carried on working in a job that I hated. But with self-belief, determination and persistence I realized my boyhood DREAM to produce cartoons that helped others achieve theirs. You can do it too! Visit Richard's Website and be motivated at:

Bryan Hall - Bryan is a widely recognized Success Coach and Motivational Expert with a strong background in the Internet Marketing arena since 1995. He focuses his time and energies on coaching people for what he calls "Peak Performance ... Peak LIFE", and is a "student" of such masters as Richard Bach, Anthony Robbins, Shakti Gawain, and others. Bryan is a renowned author and "deal maker", while also being considered by those in the Internet Marketing arena as a major "player", associated with some of the biggest "names" on the 'Net as his closest friends. He is a founding member of iCop (the International Council of Online Professionals) and holds the Motivational Expert position on a highly-esteemed panel of experts for Dr Neil Shearing's private members' site. You can visit Bryan's website at:

Gary Simpson - Gary is the author of eight books. He is a prolific writer who has been published in many magazines and newspapers across Australia. Gary became involved in several network marketing companies in the late 80's which led him into a deep research of personal development. He is an avid reader with hundreds of self help books in an ever growing library. Gary lives in Perth, Western Australia and is a Company Director. He has professional experience in many diverse areas such as the public service, retail, private investigation, insurance and franchising. He is also a senior karate instructor with more than 33 years of continuous training. Gary's "Motivation & Self Esteem for Success" Website is located at

Peter Sinclair - Peter is a student of success and an entrepreneur. His vision is to help others reach their full potential, and the driving force of his life and his work is to lift people. Peter is renowned and respected as a dynamic writer & speaker, having his articles already featured in hundreds of ezines and magazines internationally. Thousands of people every week receive his Motivational Memos as Peter loves to impart wisdom into the lives of people all around the world. He is constantly creating and researching new methods to achieve that goal. Peter's website can be found at:

Ben Sinclair - Ben is the webmaster of He administrated the chat session and is the mastermind behind the forum and the chat forum.

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Comment 01 :

"Greetings Gary, I hope this finds you well! I had to let you know that I have been using your goal cards & wanted to share my success story with you. Yesterday I wrote down that I was going to obtain $500 in orders today through my direct sales calls that I am doing as a consultant for another company.

As the day progressed, I had received $300 and only had 5 names left on my list. I was beginning to doubt that I was going to be able to reach my goal, but whisked the thought away & began focusing on the goal card. I obtained one additional order, which brought me up to $350. I then checked my voicemail, and a woman I had contacted earlier in the day was calling back to place an order. Guess what?

She ordered $185.00 worth of products, so I exceeded my goal by $35!!

I thought you would enjoy knowing that your goal card helped me to reach my goal today and I wanted to thank you for sharing those with me. I have been writing down my goals every morning and have definitely been making much more progress & obtaining new confidence in my abilities.

My other goal card is set for April, when I am reaching for a BIG goal. I'll keep you posted on how that one works out."

- Kathy Browning

Gary's reply: That is absolutely fantastic Kathy. I am so pleased for you. See - setting a goal does work!

Gary Simpson is a 7th Dan karate master who teaches self defense, motivation, self help and wealth building to students around the world through home study courses. You may reprint this article as you include this author credit and an active link to his web site.

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