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Zen Garden > SEMINAR 2 - "THE AWESOME POWER OF HAVING A DOMINATING PURPOSE" featuring Mike Litman and Josh Hinds.

When I found out that Peter Sinclair was planning his second International Live Chat Seminar I became very enthusiastic about it. You see, I was one of the panelists on the very first International Live Chat Seminar so I knew what to expect.

I watched the live chat in real time and after a few minutes it became apparent to me that my enthusiasm was not misplaced. Even though I have read literally hundreds of books on motivation, self esteem and personal development subjects, I still learned so much.

I wanted to be involved in some way so I offered Peter my services as the Editor of the seminar. In other words, I turned the spoken word into the written word, an arduous task taking over 10 hours to complete but, in my opinion, a very worthy one.

I want to congratulate Peter and Ben Sinclair for hosting the seminar and praise Mike Litman and Josh Hinds for imparting their wisdom with us all.

The seminar is copyright material so it may not be used without permission. However, you may print it out for personal reference or study.

I commend the following seminar to anybody aspiring to improve their life.

This is the edited transcript of the LIVE CHAT which was conducted by:

Peter Sinclair( ) on 15 January 2003 with fellow Motivational Experts:

Mike Litman ( )

Josh Hinds ( )

The chat was scheduled for one hour and the subject was:


[The chat commenced at noon, Wednesday, 15 January 2003 - Brisbane, Australia time]

Peter Sinclair: Hi Mike & Josh. I want to welcome you both to our LIVE CHAT event. It's going to be fantastic. The first question I would like to put to you both is this. How important is it to have a dominating purpose? Mike would you like to lead us off?

Mike Litman: Yes Peter. I believe that our dominating purpose is closely tied to our self-esteem. When your ZEST for life mirrors your DESIRE for breath, that is when you will see rapid advances in all areas of your life.

Josh Hinds: Great analogy Mike.

Peter Sinclair: Thanks Mike. Wow. "Zest for life mirroring your desire for breath", that's profound. Josh. What are your thoughts?

Josh Hinds: Peter, without a doubt the key to life's riches is to have a dominating purpose. I think without a larger dominating purpose, a person might find himself or herself moving in all sorts of directions. For instance, the goals I set for myself keep me moving in the direction I want to head.

Peter Sinclair: Excellent Josh. Mike, returning to your last answer. You draw the comparison for us that it's a bit like the difference between life and death. Serious stuff. Perhaps you would like to elaborate a little.

Mike Litman: It all depends what one WANTS in life. If you look at history you will quickly see that everyone who has accomplished something major has had an EAGER, BURNING desire for its accomplishment.

Peter Sinclair: So Mike, just continuing on, if you were to help someone to define their dominating purpose, how would you direct them?

Mike Litman: Peter, it is my contention that we all have SLEEPING POWERS inside us just waiting to be AROUSED. All these POWERS are only unleashed through the DESIRE that comes with a dominating purpose.

Peter Sinclair: What if someone doesn't know his or her dominating purpose? How can you help them define it?

Mike Litman: To define it? Hmm. First, one must know that their life HAS a purpose to it. Not everyone does. To me, and in my experience, FINDING your purpose comes through keen INTROSPECTION. This is one reason so many people feel "lost." They never introspect.

Peter Sinclair: So by defining it they would get a wake up call Mike? Can you explain it a little further?

Mike Litman: Sure. They would begin by asking themselves POWERFUL questions. A good place to start is by serving others.

Peter Sinclair: On the subject of powerful questions - what questions have helped you personally, Mike, to get to where you are and to take you where you're going.

Mike Litman: Peter, it is critical that we must FIND what we TRULY want and go after it with PASSION. This can be arrived at by asking ourselves important questions.

Josh Hinds: Peter, if I may just add something here...

Peter Sinclair: Yes Josh, please do. I have been running with Mike here because it is so fascinating.

Josh Hinds: I think the best way to identify a definite purpose is to look for the thing that you can honestly say you would do, even if you knew you were never going to be paid to do it.

Peter Sinclair: Excellent point Josh. Can you explain that a little further?

Josh Hinds: I know that sounds a little simple but that is exactly how I identified my own definite purpose.

Peter Sinclair: So with respect to goals Josh, what one goal has been the most powerfully driving goal in your life to date?

Josh Hinds: I can answer that without any hesitation at all. Without doubt, my most powerful goal was to start my Website, and then the newsletters. My dominating purpose was that I wanted to make a place for myself in the personal development industry.

Peter Sinclair: And if you had no dominating purpose where would you be now?

Josh Hinds: Peter, there have been many winding roads along the way. However, I am convinced that without that dominating purpose I would still just be planning it.

Mike Litman: Peter that is a great question. If I could jump in here, I would like to say that first off everyone must IDENTIFY what the dominant question in his or her life is. Sadly, for most people this process is UNCONSCIOUS and it destroys their life.

Peter Sinclair: Would you like to share with our eager audience what your dominant purpose is Mike?

Mike Litman: To do that I must first ask myself a question. My dominant QUESTION in all my daily activities is simply this. How can I go the EXTRA mile for my client, prospect, wife etc? In fact, it's the same question I asked myself before we started this chat 15 minutes ago.

Peter Sinclair: Am I reading this correctly, Mike, when I ask that to get the RIGHT answers, you have to ask the RIGHT questions? If so, how do you discover those questions?

Mike Litman: Simple. What I do and what I believe others MUST do is this. To find out what the best question in a situation is, you FIRST must ask yourself - what is the RIGHT question here? You see, my friends, EVERY question asked to the subconscious will BREED an answer.

Peter Sinclair: Great stuff Mike. I'll turn back to you again now, Josh, if I may. From that launching pad you shared with us a few moments ago, what benefits have arisen from you pursuing your dominating purpose?

Josh Hinds: For starters, I'm actually doing my dream for a living. More than that, I feel like the most positive thing is that I have been able to give back to others as well by helping many speakers and authors to expand their messages to those who are interested in what they are offering.

Peter Sinclair: So the dominating purpose is what has kept you on track Josh?

Josh Hinds: Yes.

Peter Sinclair: Can you share some more examples from your own experience?

Josh Hinds: There have been countless examples, too numerous to mention here. Most entrepreneurs will tell you that it is easy to bounce from one thing to the next. I personally don't believe that to be the case. In my own life my dominating purpose keeps me grounded.

Mike Litman: Peter, a GREAT way to discover GREAT questions is for someone to ask a person they truly RESPECT this question. "What questions do you ask yourself that produce powerful results in your life?" That's an excellent way to start.

Peter Sinclair: So obviously Mike you're a great believer in mentors.

Mike Litman: I certainly am.

Peter Sinclair: I'm so glad we're now moving into this area of mentoring. In your own case, who have been the major influences in your life to date?

Mike Litman: Peter, I have had probably 50 mentors. A few in person, many through books and tapes.

Peter Sinclair: Care to drop any names for us?

Mike Litman: Not at all. For a start, my parents have been a tremendous influence on me. I've learned a ton of information from Joe Shroeder. Joe is an amazing entrepreneur. Let me add this, I think one needs to DEMAND "help." One also needs to DEMAND the attention.

Peter Sinclair: Thanks Mike. Josh, who are your mentors?

Josh Hinds: Without a doubt I'd say my father was the first mentor I had. Since then I've been blessed to have a large number of them as well. Like Mike said, they can come in many forms.

Peter Sinclair: Now getting back to something you just said Mike, how does one DEMAND attention?

Mike Litman: I was building to that Peter. The answer is to SERVE first. Like I mentioned before, go the EXTRA MILE for that person. In this day and age, one simply MUST shortcut the learning process and one MUST have mentors around them who can help accelerate success.

Peter Sinclair: Excellent points Mike, thank you. Now Josh, I'd like to press a point you made earlier. You mentioned "living the dream." I think you said "doing what you love doing." I guess you could say, in one sense, that your dominating purpose involved the dream you had for your life.

Josh Hinds: I know that as long as I'm staying close to it, then I can build goals and take actions that are in line with it.

Mike Litman: Yes Josh, I agree.

Peter Sinclair: So, good things don't come to those who wait hey Mike? You've got to be proactive. Go get 'em. Is that right?

Mike Litman: Being proactive is good. In my mind there is no doubt about it. One needs to know when to think, when to act, when to have patience. The reason to "get in the game" is because there are so many life skills one needs in order to have a GREAT life. The way one gets these skills is learning from mistakes. It's called "life experience."

Peter Sinclair: I remember, Mike, reading an article you wrote on "loverage." Can you explain what this is? I believe it ties in with what we are discussing here.

Mike Litman: Loverage...ahh. Recently, "loverage" was featured in the New York Times best seller, "The One Minute Millionaire."

Peter Sinclair: Mike, just for the benefit of everyone else, could you background it for us?

Mike Litman: Sure. You see, two years ago, I was making $15 per hour as a Personal Fitness Trainer. Today, I'm financially independent at 29 years of age. I accelerated my success using this principle of LOVERAGE...

Peter Sinclair: Can you explain what it is?

Mike Litman: You see, we get everything we want in life from other people. Right? Here's the MAGIC FORMULA, in my experience, for a huge win/win outcome.

Peter Sinclair: You have a formula? Do you have a definition for this "loverage" too?

Mike Litman: Loverage is defined as using love and leverage to help others help you. Here's the four-step formula. Step 1 - Create new relationships. Step 2 - Go the EXTRA mile for that relationship. Step 3 - Sometime down the road, you might need some help yourself, so you use the "Power of Asking" to tap into "Loverageable Opportunities." Step 4 - Take massive action. That's it!

Peter Sinclair: Sounds simple enough but there has to be more.

Mike Litman: Yes Peter. Through chat it's tough to go into all the specifics. If anyone wants more information, they can get it free at

Peter Sinclair: Thanks for the link Mike. I think it will be visited by lots of our readers after this. I'd like to pick up on one specific point you mentioned. You talked about "massive action." Mike, I love that term. How MASSIVE should the action be?

Mike Litman: As massive as you can make it.

Peter Sinclair: Not passive...MASSIVE!

Mike Litman: The bigger the better.

Peter Sinclair: That's excellent Mike, thank you. Josh, can we turn back to mentors for a moment? I don't think we've dealt fully with this concept yet. Can you frame your answer in terms of the dominating purpose of your life?

Josh Hinds: Right Peter. My dominating purpose is to inspire others to live their own definition of success. I use my own mentors to achieve the goals I set.

Peter Sinclair: Can you provide us with an example or two?

Josh Hinds: One example was the goal to start the Website, another the goal to start my ezine. I would also include the goals to reach out and contact the first ever speaker online. That was about late 1996 or early 1997, as I recall. In other words, all those things (goals) led me to where I am now. I'm convinced they only came to pass because I'd defined the more important dominant purpose for myself.

Peter Sinclair: So Josh, we live in a world of incredible change. What would you suggest to others is the best possible way to deal with change and still maintain focus on your dominating purpose?

Josh Hinds: Peter, I think the first thing to admit is that change is going to occur no matter what. Since starting out in about '96 things have changed so fast. Change is one of the few things that is definitely going to happen.

Peter Sinclair: And then?

Josh Hinds: From there, allow yourself to roll with that change. At the same time give yourself enough time to adjust to it as needed. So the main thing is to embrace the fact that there is going to be change. Take a step back and deal with it as best you can. And keep in mind that, in most instances, one mistake isn't going to be enough to make or break you.

Mike Litman: In my experience, success isn't "easy." You have to be STRONG enough for setbacks, roadblocks, etc.

Peter Sinclair: Go-getter. Is that right Mike?

Mike Litman: Yes. You need to KNOW what you want and GO FOR IT. This next point I'm about to make is crucial... You see, I believe the GREATEST ENEMY of mankind is FEAR. By fear, I mean doubt, worry, anxiety.

Peter Sinclair: Yes. Excellent point Mike. Can you elaborate?

Mike Litman: I believe that IMPULSES and URGES are the enemy. In my experience almost ALL fear is UNCONSCIOUS.

Peter Sinclair: So is that where you get the strength, the courage, the fortitude to push ahead Mike?

Mike Litman: It's our lower self out of control. We think it is us. If there's one thing I'd like you to take from this chat it's this... you are NOT your impulses and urges. You must become self-aware.

Peter Sinclair: Josh, I'll ask you to comment on this too. You might like to follow the thoughts from Mike. Where do you reach down and get the guts to push ahead with your dream, to pursue your passion...

Josh Hinds: Without a doubt, my journal.

Peter Sinclair: I am so glad you mentioned that. Can you expand a little on the journal?

Josh Hinds: I started tracking my journal years ago. I can't begin to tell you how many times it has served as a reminder of how far I've come. I agree with Mike that we are often our own worst enemies. Keeping a journal allows you to look back and see first-hand that you're doing great things.

Peter Sinclair: Hey Mike and Josh! How powerful is the journal for self-awareness and introspection?

Mike Litman: Introspection is probably the toughest, though most REWARDING effort one can ever make. It's the unconscious fear that makes our life not the MASTERPIECE it was born to be. I agree with Josh that journaling is a great tool. I haven't been the biggest journaler, though I know many who are and they have been helped immensely by it.

Peter Sinclair: So for "non-journalers," Mike, what would you suggest? Questioning is obviously a top priority for you. Am I right?

Mike Litman: Questions are the most under-rated topic in the personal development industry. Creating powerful life affirming questions to ask yourself and your subconscious will change your life in a MOMENT!

Peter Sinclair: I fully agree with you Mike. I have a list of 20 questions that I put together that help people to conduct their own self-analysis. I believe it's crucial.

Josh Hinds: An interesting book I'd recommend to everyone is "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci." They touch a bit on both journaling and asking questions. They also talk about how the "maestro" himself tied them together.

Mike Litman: Peter, can I add something from earlier?

Peter Sinclair: Sure Mike.

Mike Litman: When your DESIRE is dominating, you bring out the SECRET of greatness, which is the power of your WILL. This is rarely talked about. However, all who ACHIEVE greatness have a powerful desire and constantly INSPIRE their wills to SEEK and CONQUER their desired goals.

Peter Sinclair: Care to give any examples Mike?

Mike Litman: From Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods to Tony Robbins - all of them have done just that.

Peter Sinclair: I have studied the lives of Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and many others of late. I have to agree. I think you have hit the nail on the head, Mike. A dominant purpose, desire, power of the will - these are all very powerful concepts.

Mike Litman: Peter, this is why 97% of the population live in a semi-daze. They don't realize that there's a power WITHIN that desires for them to have EVERYTHING. They play the game of life WEAK. I used to do that as well. They let UNCONSCIOUS fears, that they NEVER even asked for, to destroy them from within.

Josh Hinds: If I had to choose a key driver, I'd say good old-fashioned persistence would be the one. I can't begin to tell you how many times in my own life, as well as those I have studied, where I found this to be the deciding factor.

Peter Sinclair: "As a man thinketh, so is he." It's important to concentrate on 'within' first and 'without' will follow. Would you guys agree with that?

Josh Hinds: No matter who you talk to, almost everybody has an "un-success" story. You never seem to hear about those.

Peter Sinclair: I know that both you guys have dictionaries with the word 'quit' ripped out of them. Any thoughts on this?

Mike Litman: The key to life is to keep getting STRONGER. The habits of discipline, concentration and self-control - these are the habits of GREATNESS and real power.

Josh Hinds: Peter, that's not to say I haven't passed by the word in my life. We're all human.

Peter Sinclair: For the development of good habits Mike, do you have any suggestions?

Mike Litman: One MUST believe in themselves and step UP. For 10 years I played WEAK, so I know all about it. It's time for everyone to make their move.

Peter Sinclair: Josh, you mentioned persistence...

Josh Hinds: The catch is I've been blessed with enough persistence or bull-headedness, if you want to call it that, to keep going.

Peter Sinclair: So you use tools to assist you in your bull-headedness (I love that word!) to achieve your goals Josh?

Josh Hinds: That's just the country boy from Alabama in me getting out. Is it even a word? Seriously, I'd just like to touch back on journals if I can.

Peter Sinclair: Go ahead.

Josh Hinds: Some folks use journals, dream books, or just plain run things through their minds. My journal is a hodgepodge of goals, places I've been to, places I want to go, places I am going - that sort of thing.

Peter Sinclair: The power of a decision Mike, is that what you were talking about before?

Mike Litman: Yes Peter, I believe autosuggestion, visualization and action are the key habits. They are automatic nerve responses ingrained into our brains. We must affirm. For instance, "I AM courageous. I AM powerful. I MAKE quick, smart responses." In one's mind they must use visualization to get there first. You must begin the new habit and NEVER break the 'new routine' until the new habit is INGRAINED in you!

Peter Sinclair: You've mentioned several times now about "playing weak"...

Mike Litman: Peter, INDECISION is a sign of playing weak. We must DECIDE. If we are wrong, big deal. Throughout history ALL great people have made FAST decisions.

Peter Sinclair: Decide and act, is that right Mike?

Mike Litman: People should use the affirmation. For instance, "I am now going to make my move." They must say I "can" and I "will." Autosuggestion is VERY powerful.

Peter Sinclair: Don't wait until all bases are necessarily covered?

Mike Litman: Screw the bases! Begin NOW! Emerson said: "Do the thing and you will have the power." BEGIN!

Peter Sinclair: It's a happening thing... a NOW event. What about you Josh?

Josh Hinds: I like to write out, in detail, how things will be. I write out even the tiniest of details. It powers us towards achievement.

Peter Sinclair: Do it now...

Mike Litman: Josh is 100% on target with that!

Josh Hinds: Repetition of those thoughts will ensure the brain accepts them as so.

Mike Litman: There is no such thing as the FUTURE. The ONLY thing that is real is the NOW. The masses live in the past and the future. We MUST live and BUILD from the NOW.

Peter Sinclair: Mike that reminds me of another quote - "Beginning is half done." Maybe it should be changed to "Beginning is 100% done." What do you guys think?

Mike Litman: Goethe said "BOLDNESS has genius in it." You only truly learn from DOING. Since that is true, is there any reason why so many people are not where they want to be? In my own case, for 10 years I did nothing. Now, at 29 years of age, I realize my past errors.

Peter Sinclair: Well I guess in building a house the architectural designs need to be completed with absolute detail. So how much more important for our life?

Josh Hinds: Action is too often the missing ingredient. We plan, plan and plan. But at some point we have to realize nothing will really get done until the fire is lit. Whether that comes in the form of releasing your product, making that sale, starting that business or writing that first article, whatever it is, the fire has to be lit!

Peter Sinclair: What if the results don't pan out?

Josh Hinds: If the first results stink, then you know what NOT to do next.

Mike Litman: I concur with Josh totally on that point.

Peter Sinclair: Mike and Josh, I have to ask you both this one question. What gave you guys the wake up call you needed to embark on your dominating purpose? What was it? Did it happen slowly or hit like a bolt of lightning?

Josh Hinds: I think for me it was something that just evolved over time. I knew what I'd do even if I didn't get paid to do it. This was good, because starting anything takes time.

Mike Litman: Peter, I have to admit here, I was fortunate. I never really "asked for it." When I was 17 or 18 years old, I started reading Tony Robbins' books.

Josh Hinds: For me it was actually just saying, "What the heck." Doing it after that seemed quick.

Peter Sinclair: Did any other authors influence you Mike?

Mike Litman: Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie were two more. My DREAM started then at that early age. Since then it's been a journey.

Peter Sinclair: Josh, what about you?

Josh Hinds: Once I made the decision to do that first little links Webpage all those years ago things just happened. The listing in Yahoo, the traffic, the ezine, my articles appearing all over the place, the wonderful people I've been blessed to meet. It only occurred because I just threw all caution to the wind.

Peter Sinclair: Thanks Josh. Mike do you want to add anything to that?

Mike Litman: I've had some ups and downs. I "quit" a few times. I'm very grateful for the desire that was waiting in my heart to be unleashed. I enjoy sharing information that hopefully can touch someone's life - like our book "Conversations with Millionaires" has done for so many people.

Peter Sinclair: So it had a lot to do with destiny, but added to that plenty of action?

Mike Litman: Peter, there's an old maxim that says..."All are called, only some answer." We all have IT. Just how many of us answer the call?

Peter Sinclair: So Josh, you burnt the boats and left the shore and the rest just followed - with a heavy dose of persistence, of course.

Josh Hinds: That's very true. Plus it's not always an easy thing to reach out into the unknown. But the unknown is exactly where your definition of success is hiding.

Peter Sinclair: You gotta have a little FAITH Josh?

Josh Hinds: For me, personally, FAITH is everything. The last thing I want to think is that I'm out here all alone trying to make this "thing" work. I'd been involved in business earlier. I had an idea I wanted to do this sort of thing. I had no idea what form it would take. But I'm convinced it was in the action that's led me on the journey I'm on now. Otherwise, I'd still be saying, could I do this?

Mike Litman: Josh, great point on faith!

Josh Hinds: Thanks Mike, I appreciate you saying that.

Peter Sinclair: Mike, just getting back to what you mentioned a few seconds ago, what qualities are found within the ANSWERER?

Mike Litman: Peter, the answerer needs to see himself or herself clearly, QUIET THE NOISE and look at themselves. To begin with, SEE what has made them EXCITED in life and see what they can do to SERVE others. Many times the ANSWER sleeps there. I want to make this clear quickly. I made a decision years back to work on MYSELF harder than any job or business.

Peter Sinclair: That's very interesting Mike. I have heard this many times before but for the benefit of our readers, could you elaborate a little bit?

Mike Litman: I made a decision to "make my self over" in the areas I was weak. It's been hard and a tough journey of the soul. A journey not enough people take, though more should.

Peter Sinclair: The greatest investment, as Robert Kiyosaki keeps telling us, is in ourselves. I agree with what you say Mike. So you turned those weaknesses into strengths?

Mike Litman: When most are watching TV and doing "nothing", people who want to be great are PAYING THE PRICE. There is no greatness without sacrifice.

Peter Sinclair: Well guys our hour is nearly up. Before we close, I want to ask one last question. Here it is. If there was one suggestion you could give to our readers, how would you encourage them to identify their dominating purpose and then how should they pursue it?

Mike Litman: Peter, in the Bible it says: "Ask and you shall receive." Here's what I would do... I would start simple, ask yourself and your subconscious this one question OVER AND OVER again..."What is my life's PURPOSE?" Then, just let it go. The voice will appear with the ANSWER when you are ready.

Josh Hinds: Great advice Mike! For me, I would look for the thing that you feel so passionate about that you'd do it just to do it! Then, I would explore what that thing is to the point that you can sculpt specific goals around it. You can then reach out to others and give of yourself. When I started out that's all I did. I just looked for opportunities to give of myself.

Peter Sinclair: You guys have been great - with a capital "G!"

Mike Litman: The higher we unfold and GROW the more KNOWLEDGE is made AVAILABLE to us. We must grow as people 24/7. Never go to bed the same person you were the night before. Always learn something NEW each day. I've made that a habit. I challenge others to do the same.

Josh Hinds: One thing I'd suggest about a dominating purpose, if I might, Peter, is this - I would like to encourage people to read the article that you wrote about it. It's powerful stuff!

Peter Sinclair: Well Mike and Josh, I can tell you now that I could spend another hour with both of you. This really is exciting information that you have shared with us today. It's just so incredible, that we will edit this transcript and present it in a finished professional format for all of our readers.

Josh Hinds: It's been a blast Peter. I'm so appreciative for the opportunity.

Mike Litman: I thank you for the opportunity too, Peter. If your readers are interested they can hear my radio show LIVE each Thursday at 9pm EST at I interview the TOP entrepreneurs in the country. You can listen live, worldwide.

Peter Sinclair: Guys, this really is life-changing material. I know I will read it over and over and over again. I thank you two so much for your investment into our lives today. This is worth far more than gold. You have left us with awesome riches. I also encourage the readers to check out Josh's website at Josh writes an incredible ezine. One of his great articles appears on my forum under the motivational section. Check it out!

Mike Litman: Just while we are on the subject, Peter and Ben, you both should be commended for your commitment to SERVING others at this extremely high level.

Peter Sinclair: Thanks for that Mike. I know Ben will appreciate you saying that too. Who's on your show this week Mike?

Mike Litman: Peter, an AMAZING entrepreneur. It's a little mystery for your guests. Just tune in and discover who!

Josh Hinds: I might add, if you haven't heard Mike's show, let me just say, he is energy personified! You'll love it.

Peter Sinclair: Well, reluctantly I have to end this chat officially now. Thank you both so very much for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us.

[The chat concluded at 1.03pm, Wednesday 15 January 2003 - Brisbane, Australia time]

Biographies of the LIVE CHAT Participants:

Mike Litman has been called by many 'The World's Greatest Interviewer' and is the host of The Mike Litman Show - The World's #1 Personal Development Radio Show. Mike is also the co-author of the #1 Best-Seller Conversations with Millionaires

"Mike Litman is the Tiger Woods of 'success radio'. He is a master at his craft. When thousands of imitators flock to his show every Thursday night to pick up some little secret technique they can use, Mike blows 'em away once again and leaves everyone in his wake speechless. This guy is truly amazing!" óMarc Goldman, CEO

Josh Hinds is the owner of The Motivational Mecca! A motivational and inspirational community Website that hooks up the Who's Who in the Motivational World on the Internet.

"Josh Hinds is becoming, in my opinion, the Earl Nightingale of the e-world. Not only is the man pure motivation but, like the late, great Mr. Nightingale, knows how to attract other motivators to join him in his mission as well. Go to his site, bookmark it, return often, learn from it and, most of all, benefit from it." óBob Burg, Public Speaker and Author of "Endless Referrals" and "Winning Without Intimidation"

Peter Sinclair is a student of success and an entrepreneur. His vision is to help others reach their full potential, and the driving force of his life and his work is to lift people. Peter is renowned and respected as a dynamic writer & speaker, having his articles already featured in hundreds of ezines and magazines internationally. Thousands of people every week receive his Motivational Memos as Peter loves to impart wisdom into the lives of people all around the world. He is constantly creating and researching new methods to achieve that goal.

Ben Sinclair is the webmaster for Peter Sinclair's Website and the technician behind the chat session and the mastermind behind the forum and the chat forum.

This LIVE CHAT was edited by:

Gary Simpson is the author of eight books. He is a prolific writer who has been published in many magazines and newspapers across Australia. Gary became involved in several network marketing companies in the late 80's which led him into a deep research of personal development. He is an avid reader with hundreds of self help books in an ever growing library. Gary lives in Perth, Western Australia and is a Company Director. He has professional experience in many diverse areas such as the public service, retail, private investigation, insurance and franchising. He is also a senior karate instructor with more than 33 years of continuous training. Gary's "Motivation & Self Esteem for Success" Website is located at

Gary Simpson is a 7th Dan karate master who teaches self defense, motivation, self help and wealth building to students around the world through home study courses. You may reprint this article as you include this author credit and an active link to his web site.

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