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Zen Garden > The Benefit of Listening to Your 'Inner Voice' - an Incredible True Story

My guardian angel has "spoken" to me several times. Let me share with you the most graphic example that occurred quite a few years ago now.

Call it an "inner voice." Call it your "guardian angel." Call it whatever you want. I'm referring to that little voice that seems to talk to you every now and then.

I think most people have had an experience where something has "told" them about an impending event that was about to impact upon their lives. I have.

My guardian angel has "spoken" to me several times. Let me share with you the most graphic example that occurred quite a few years ago now. This is a true story. You can believe it or not. But this really happened to me.

It all began at a seminar that my wife and I were attending. The seminar was conducted at an inner city suburb in a meeting room.

It was decided that about twenty leaders of the large gathering would travel into the eastern hills area of Perth (Western Australia) to have further discussions with the presenter. The time was approximately 10.00pm when we left the meeting to travel in a bit of a "convoy" up to the hills address.

As I was walking to my vehicle I heard a voice that seemed to be behind my left shoulder. It said just two words: "Be careful!" I turned around to see who had spoken but there was nobody there. That perplexed me. In fact, I don't mind saying, it kind of spooked me.

I thought for a moment then remarked to my wife that I wanted her to check my driving and make sure that I was travelling safely to the address. I remember that she asked me if I was too tired to go to which I replied: "No. I just want you to make sure that I drive safe."

Eventually, after about three-quarters of an hour, we arrived at the hills destination - a place called Kalamunda. More than a dozen vehicles had either already pulled up or were arriving at around the same time as us.

We went inside for further talks with the marketer. It was a fairly casual affair and everybody got some individual attention, which was good. We got all our questions answered then it was time for a bit of socializing. Before long we were all just having a good time together.

At around 1.30am my wife remarked that she was very tired and wanted to go home. Immediately the words "Be careful!" rang in my ears again. Now I was really concerned. I seemed to be having some sort of "para-normal" contact with somebody or something. In fact, it is making me feel rather weird right now just thinking and writing about it.

This happened again about fifteen minutes later. The same words.

At around 2.00am most of us were well and truly ready to leave. I had wanted to go myself but I was very reluctant to leave due to the "voice." Now, here is where things really started to get interesting. I never put all the events together until later. Here is what happened:

One couple was unable to start their vehicle. They had excused themselves ten minutes before. When we arrived at our vehicle they were still trying to get the motor in their vehicle going. We later found out that they managed to do so soon after several other vehicles, including ours, departed.

Another couple who led us out of the semi-rural property took off fairly quickly and was well in advance of us. I was driving very cautiously as I was still being influenced by the warnings that I had received. Again, I asked my wife to be very conscious of my driving. "Be careful!" I had heard those words three times and I knew not where they came from.

Half way down Kalamunda Hill we saw a most amazing sight. We caught a view of dozens of multi-colored flashing lights in red and blue. We knew straight away that they belonged to police and ambulance vehicles.

Again I mentioned to my wife that I wanted her to check my driving. I was concerned that maybe whatever had happened down at the base of the hill was the thing that I was being warned about. However, in the back of my mind I was also thinking that maybe whatever had happened below might just be a distraction to me for something else. I guess you could say that I had my radar well and truly turned on.

A few minutes later we arrived at the scene. It was the main intersection at the foot of the hill where a highway intersected several main roads including the road that we had descended on. We were confronted by a sea of flashing lights - police, ambulances and fire trucks. There were people everywhere. Remember this was at 2.00am. The intersection would normally be deserted except for vehicles travelling through it.

Traffic was being re-routed by police manning the intersection. We saw our friends' vehicle just ahead. We learned later that they had witnessed the entire event but, eerily, something strange had also happened to their vehicle as they approached the intersection. As they were about to make a right hand turn their vehicle mysteriously stalled. So they had sat there for a minute or so trying to get their vehicle re-started. They saw the whole thing as it happened.

A stolen vehicle full of drunken under-age youths had been driven with its lights off on the wrong side of the highway. It was being pursued, at more than 100mph, by many police vehicles. Others had converged from other directions.

The youths crashed the stolen vehicle that they were racing into the vehicle of a fairly well-known Perth identity. He was killed outright along with several of the youths. Pieces of both vehicles lay strewn all across the intersection. I remember seeing the front seat of one of the vehicles sitting on one of the lanes of the highway itself. There was glass, oil, fuel, water and mangled bodies everywhere. It was a disaster of massive proportions.

Our friends who had witnessed the entire chase and subsequent crash were later summoned to Court to give an eye-witness accounts. As it turned out they were about to follow the vehicle of the victim when their vehicle mysteriously stalled, thereby probably saving their own lives.

This is a remarkable but true story for three reasons:

  1. I had been pre-warned of something dangerous on three separate occasions
  2. One group of friends were unable to start their vehicle, preventing them from leaving
  3. A second couple, also friends, stalled their vehicle at the very intersection of the crash.

Were these incidents random? Somehow, based on my experience with the voice, I think not. There is one thing that I believe - someone or something alerted me to danger that night. Our friends were also being "protected." Was it my guardian angel? Was God speaking to me? I do not know.

What I do know is that three separate incidents caused none of our vehicles to be at the precise impact point where the stolen vehicle crashed into Mr A's vehicle. I will refer to this gentleman as Mr A. Even though the crash occurred in 1990, I still remember his name. He has an award named in his honor for service to the sporting community in Western Australia. May his soul rest in peace.

If you hear that "little voice" talking to you, please...listen to it.

Gary Simpson is a 7th Dan karate master who teaches self defense, motivation, self help and wealth building to students around the world through home study courses. You may reprint this article as you include this author credit and an active link to his web site.

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