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Zen Garden > Puppy Love - A Haunting Tale of Emotion That Makes You Think Twice About Things That May Bother You

This (emotional) story is about the birth of six puppies to a little dog.

I visited a friend yesterday and he told me quite a remarkable story. It was rather touching too. So, in these times of ongoing international terrorism, some sports people behaving badly, certain movie stars acting like petulant idiots and most politicians trying desperately to hide their blatant dishonesty, I thought I would share this tale to help put things into perspective for most of us.

The story he told me was about the birth of six puppies to his daughter's little dog.

My friend, having experience in the delivery of puppies, attended the birth to help the mother. He told me that he assisted the mother to deliver five healthy puppies but, unfortunately, the last puppy was stillborn.

While the mother was engaged shortly after in her motherly task of cleaning up her five live puppies, my friend quickly removed the stillborn puppy and buried it under a tree in the backyard of his daughter's house.

When he came back the mother seemed distressed. He thought that it was probably from the physical effort of the birth. While he and his daughter cleaned up the birth site, the mother, unknown to them, wandered off.

After a few minutes they had cleaned everything up and placed the five tiny puppies into a crib. But where was the mother? Wasn't she supposed to be looking after her newly arrived offspring?

They called for her and searched the house. Thinking that she was probably fatigued from the birth and that she might have wandered off for a rest or a drink of water they looked everywhere. They searched all the usual spots where she would normally be found.

Eventually they did find her...

She had gone out into the yard to dig up her stillborn offspring. She had brought the little body, covered in dirt, to the doormat at the backdoor. And there she sat grieving for her dead puppy.

Now, this is a very sad tale and I won't go into what happened next. You can probably envision that for yourself anyway.

Why have I shared this story with you? Because there are things in this world that are far more important than our own petty man-made problems.

I hope this story has added a bit of perspective to your outlook. Next time you think you are inundated or weighed down with an insurmountable problem just think about this for a moment and realize how fortunate you really are.

Incidentally, the five surviving puppies and the mother are all doing well.

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