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motivation self esteem
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 Every issue of "TEMPLE Talk" is crammed full of useful information that you can use.
Gary Simpson
That's me - Gary Simpson - creator of TEMPLE Talk.
 My HUNDREDAIRE MANUAL (see below) will teach you how to make money online - your FIRST $100!



Every month I publish my highly acclaimed TEMPLE Talk online Internet Marketing and Self Improvement magazine (see one of my reader's comments below)

In it I feature all sorts of information:

  • Free resources to help you get started online
  • Zip files containing ready-to-go high-value ORIGINAL products I have developed myself to put you many steps ahead of the "PLR crowd"
  • Free graphics for you - e-book covers for participating in giveaways and banners for email exchanges
  • Film reviews, book reviews, concert reviews
  • HONEST product reviews of products that I have BOUGHT and USE myself - I simply REFUSE to promote JUNK!
  • Inspirational articles and quotes
  • Internet marketing articles
  • Guest articles on a wide variety of useful subjects
  • Introductions to talented people who can help you
  • And a whole host more information - all designed to HELP YOU.

Here's that comment I mentioned above - just one of many:

"Do you know what I most appreciate about you Gary?  You are always thinking of others and trying to move them forward, even when they know not what they doeth.  The series of reports you are working on is a prime example. To help those just starting out to build a list; what a huge benefit that will be. Now how many gurus out there would take the time and trouble to do that? We know that answer." - Maureen Amberg (USA)

OK. Here's a couple more...

"Kudos, my friend. You did it again. As usual, the newsletter is full of solid information, humor and truth. My particular favorite this issue is "Be the Samurai Sword." The principle is something that I strive to apply in my own life and if everyone had the discipline and strength to apply it, there would be much less conflict all around.Ē - Ken Harthun (USA)

ďHello Mr. Simpson!  I love your e-newsletter.  I have never read anything better.  You give great tips, support and you tell us like it is.  You don't sugar coat anything, and you have earned my trust.  You are an example for all those internet marketers out there who should be reading your newsletter.  If I had my way, they should all be taking your course as well.  Then maybe they would learn something about respect.  Please keep it coming Gary." - Sheila Closs

In the link below you will find a sample that you can download immediately (just click on the link and save it to your computer to read on your screen or print it out):

Collect them all and create a massive reference library of online resource material and help. Each issue is crammed with information and is usually around 12 pages.

To make sure you get the latest issue as soon as it's finished and ensure that you NEVER miss an issue just fill out the form below:

Here's How to Get Your Monthly TEMPLE Talk online IM & SI Magazine

Best Wishes 

Gary Simpson

Gary Simpson <--- Blog (aka The TEMPLE)

PS: Before you go take a look below:


"Do You Want to Learn How to
Make Money on the Internet?"


DUH! Stupid question, I know. Here's a better one...

"How would you like to know the time-tested and proven STEP-by-STEP method for making your very FIRST $100 online?"

If you are struggling to make money online then you will probably want to read  EVERY word on this page. Because I'm going to TEACH you step-by-step EXACTLY how to do it. And... so far as I know - NOBODY else has anything that comes even close to what I have here for you.

Hi, Gary Simpson here. Yep, that's me over there on the left. If you know anything about me at all then you know Iím pretty much a NO NONSENSE guy when it comes to teaching others what I know. I don't like BS. In fact, I don't know ANYONE who likes BS. But there are lots of people who will shove it down your neck all day long. You can be assured that I am NOT one of them. So I am going to keep this information short and sweet.

Anyway, let me ask you: Have you made your first $100 online yet? Donít feel embarrassed if you haven't. Most people never make $100. Like about 95% of those still struggling to get the ďformulaĒ right. But, with my help, all that is all going to change for you - FAST!



Itís a formula and it works across ALL niches and genres. No hocus-pocus. No smoke and mirrors. There is NO big SECRET! Itís just a procedure. A logical sequence of steps and events. Plain and simple - 1-2-3 etc. And Iím offering it to you IF you want it. And I've documented all the steps with a LOT of screen shots so you can follow those steps as you go.

It's a bit like those pictures we used to draw as kids. You know the ones. You start with your pencil on number 1 then you trace it to number 2 and then 3 and then 4 and so on until when you finish... a drawing appears in front of you almost as if by magic. You remember those, don't you? Well that's how I present my step-by-step manual. It's completely foolproof IF you follow it and put it into ACTION.



OK. What are you gonna do? Keep bumbling and fumbling around? You might be closer than you think. All you need is a proper plan of the procedures involved.

That is why so many people struggle and fail online when trying to make money. They simply donít have a clear set of instructions to keep them on track. Most people want all that "push button" junk.

Here's some free advice for you - STOP wasting your time - NONE of that stuff works! But... because so many people demand it there is a never ending supply of it. Again - NONE of it works. If it did then I would know about it AND... I'd be using it! But is doesn't exist. So stop wasting your money on all those STUPID things. They only exist to fill a completely false need. YOU need something that works - some CLEAR and CONCISE instruction.

So, whatís this got to do with you making your first hundred bucks online?



Iíve written this manual to teach you step-by-step how to make that first elusive $100. After that you can just repeat the process as often as you like. You know, the old "rinse and repeat" thing you keep hearing.



Frustrating isnít it when you hear all these people saying how much money they are making when you are doing all the hard yards and making squat! What do they know that YOU donít? Well, the answer is right below:

I have a ton of free e-books splattered all over my blog. But this ainít one of them. Then again, it wonít break your bank either. And if you just follow the instructions you will soon be on the right path. Even better you can use the information FOREVER because you will retain the knowledge.

OK. Time to beat the drums, blow the trumpets, whatever.



"How to Become an Internet Marketing HUNDREDAIRE"


Catchy title huh? Thatís just me being a bitÖ wellÖ me. I know it's a bit cute but hey, if I said "millionaire" would you have believed it? No way. But ANYONE can make a hundred bucks. That's achievable for ANYONE!

Now, I fully understand that so many people just want to INVENT their own way of doing things. Like I said above Ė thatís what the 95% do. They just keep banging their heads asking themselves, ďWHY canít I make this work?Ē

Well, Iím going to make this REALLY simple for you. There's a TON of step-by-step instruction in this manual complete with many screen shots to help you. It's BIG -100 pages of pure content from very basic no cost and low cost stuff right through to advanced techniques. And there's no padding. It's solid information cover to cover.


Imagine how you are going to feel when you have that Clickbank check in your hand. And imagine the CONFIDENCE that this will give you! Finally, you will know EXACTLY how to make money on the Internet.

And... if you have all the usual doubters who keep asking you: "Have you made any money yet?" imagine how you will feel when you say: "YES! In fact, I HAVE!" 

Well, what are you waiting for?



You already KNOW if you need this help or not. You can walk away and struggle for a few more months (or years) and then do what most people do Ė give up. OR you can have this step-by-step explanation of EXACTLY how to do it NOW and start getting yourself on track to making money on the Internet.

Your investment is ONLY $37 and there is absolutely NO RISK to you (see the money back guarantee below). Delivery is in digital format (PDF) that you can download and SAVE to your computer just as soon as the transaction is approved.

Add to Cart Button


Oh, here's something else for you to consider. I know it's a bit cheeky of me but there's a LOT of truth in this saying: "Even a fool with a plan will beat a genius with no plan at all." So, what's YOUR plan? Do you have one? If you get this manual you will have the most comprehensive plan available anywhere. 



Yes, there's a full 100% money back 60 day guarantee just in case you might think it's not as good as I say it is. If this manual doesn't teach you how to make $100 then you can just get your money back. So, there is NO RISK to you. NONE!



Right. That's it for now. I'm done talking about this. Just like I said in the opening - "short and sweet." It's over to you now. If you want the manual just click the link above. It takes you directly through to the secure Clickbank payment processor. 

Best Wishes 

Gary Simpson

Gary Simpson <--- Blog (aka The TEMPLE)

You can contact me by email here:

Gary AT [where you see AT use the @ symbol and close both gaps. I'm doing this to protect my email address from scrapers]

Author of many ORIGINAL high QUALITY e-books, reports, manuals and courses including:

  • How to Write the PERFECT STORM of an E-Book

  • The Magic Art of Copywriting

  • The Internet Marketing MINDSET

  • Time in Motion ACTION Planner

  • Twitter Muscle

  • NET WEALTH - How to Save $1,000's and Increase Your NET Wealth.

  • How to PROTECT Yourself From Violence

  • How to DEFEND Yourself Against Violence

  • The Power of Choice

  • Brain Training - Affirmations to Strengthen Your Mind and Body

  • How to BEAT Your Chronic Lower Back Pain

  • Journey, Life, Destiny Personal Development Home Study Course

  • Profit is a Beautiful Word

  • Using Motivation and Self Esteem to EXCEL in EVERYTHING You Do

  • and MANY, MANY more titles available and COMING!

NOTE: As with all products there can be no guarantee that this product will work for you because we have NO IDEA of your work ethic, enthusiasm, ability or even your willingness to follow instructions. BEFORE purchasing any products you should perform your own due diligence.

Gary Simpson is a 7th Dan karate master who teaches self defense, motivation, self help and wealth building to students around the world through home study courses.

Finance - Self Help - Motivation - Self Defense - Personal Growth - Marketing

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