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Zen Garden > Wealth - What Do a Scientist, a Business Woman and a Senior Accountant ALL Have in Common?

Let me ask you this... in this, the INFORMATION AGE, if you are not accumulating knowledge, are you going forwards or backwards? The obvious answer is that you are going to go backwards. Well, here is some information that will allow you to go forwards. But are you too obstinate or set in your ways to open your mind to doing something positive to improve your wealth base? Human nature tells me that most people will dismiss the opportunity of future wealth in favor of some immediate gratification. Are you like that or are YOU different. Let's put it to the test ...

No. This isn't some riddle. The Scientist, the Business Woman and the Senior Accountant have all reviewed a book called "How to Save $1000's and Increase Your Net Wealth" and unanimously given it the "two thumbs up." In fact, they have been glowing in its praise. Let's see what YOU think...

Here are some snippets of what these very well educated and intelligent people have said about this book:

The Scientist, an incredibly intelligent lady whose Christian name is Svetlana said this:

"... (snip) this book is about the attitude towards money and a wonderful source of motivation for those who want to change their financial destiny and develop a wealth mindset. It pinpoints the major sources of money drain and it shows strategies how to eliminate or minimize it... (snip)"

The Business-Woman, Cheri, had this to say:

"... (snip) What I really love about this book is that it is about the basics. I have a firm belief that the basics are being taught haphazardly if at all, and the result is the overwhelming debt load individuals are carrying. This book allows anyone to understand his or her own situation. If that understanding creates a devastating picture, then itís none too soon!... (snip)"

And the Senior Accountant, Steven, said the following:

"... (snip) one thing I have never paid attention to is the creating of my own personal wealth. Reading this book and following the exercises I was shocked at the miserable state of my own financial affairs. Through the use of the examples and exercises in this book, I have started to turn that around! As I mentioned above, I have just purchased a house, and I'm on the way to generating some serious assets! ... (snip)"

These are REAL people, not some phonies. Their full names, where they live and their personal information can be examined at a link that I will give you below. You can also read their FULL comments at that web link.

Now, consider this - do you think that a Scientist, a Business Woman and an Accountant would be able to discern good knowledge when they found it?

The Scientist and the Senior Accountant have spent years and years at universities studying the best knowledge available in their respective fields. The Business Woman did not get to where she is in life by taking BAD advice.

These people HUNT information. They ACT on it. They PROFIT from it. Do you? Well, DO YOU?

When you are able to create wealth for yourself you will find it very empowering. There is no better feeling than teaching yourself to become independently wealthy.

Unlike any other time in world history everything is becoming more and more expensive. You don't need me to tell you that. You KNOW it. The reality is this - an increasing number of people are competing for a limited amount of resources (eg food, water, land, fuel, homes). Simple economics tells us that the prices charged for those resources simply have to go up.

Because you are going to need more and more money every year just to live, what are you currently doing to create wealth for yourself?

Let me tell you this... you'd better have a plan. If you don't you will just fall victim to those who DO understand the power of wealth creation. In essence, you will become the pawn in THEIR wealth plan. Think on that before you try to justify your unwillingness to educate yourself in a wealth building program.

Gary Simpson operates the Turn Debt Into Wealth website. To read the full text of what the accountant, the business woman and the scientist said about this book go here: "How to Save $1000's and Increase Your Net Wealth."

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Gary Simpson is the author of nine books covering a diverse range of subjects such as motivation, self esteem, affirmations, self defense, wealth creation and much more. His many motivation and success articles appear all over the web.

Gary Simpson is a 7th Dan karate master who teaches self defense, motivation, self help and wealth building to students around the world through home study courses. You may reprint this article as you include this author credit and an active link to his web site.

Finance - Self Help - Motivation - Self Defense - Personal Growth

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